Create People Picker in Power Apps Using Combo Box

SharePoint has a limited amount of lookup columns (including people columns) that can exist within a list; as a result of the
restriction, the number of people pickers that can exist within a Power App
is finite.

This solution demonstrates a simple workaround for this limitation
by utilizing combo boxes and the Office 365 Users connector. Additionally, it explains how to populate existing items using the defaultselecteditems property.

Click the drop-downs for step-by-step instructions.

Creating the Combo Box
1Insert a combo box control.
2Within the properties panel, toggle on Allow
3Toggle off Allow multiple selections.
4Select the Advanced tab.
5Select the Items field.
6Insert the following statement:

7Test the combo box in preview mode by typing in a name and the control will populate related users.
8Add the following line inside your patch statement:
SharePoint Column: Concat(Combobox.SelectedItems,DisplayName,”;”)
Auto-Populate the Combo Box

This step is important to complete. If skipped, the value will not auto-populate the combo box and the next time the control is patched to SharePoint the field will be written as blank.

Note: Link to a resource explaining how to set a global variable for a gallery item. This allows all of the columns for a specific record to be accessed elsewhere in the application.

1Navigate to the combo box created in previous steps.
2Within the properties panel, select the Advanced tab.
3Scroll down the panel and select the DefaultSelectedItems field.
4Insert the following statement:

{searchTerm:Global Variable.Column Name}),
Global Variable.Column Name)

Additional Resources